Page four of Penthouse Comix Bethlehem Steele adult comic Pirate Hearts (Prologue) published by Penthouse Comix.
Space Pirate Spawn: She’s shielded! Beams won’t penetrate! Blades only!
Space Pirate Spawn: I like your outfit, girl!
Space Pirate Spawn: Arrg!
Thea Burroughs: I like yours too! Mind if I take a piece?
Thea Burroughs: Beth! There’s too many of them!
Bethlehem Steele: Then I won’t have to worry about running out of targets!
Space Pirate Thanos: Dangerous toys you play with, little one! Yield, you she devil! You’re surrounded!
Bethlehem Steele: Come and get me, then! Come! Who dies first? I won’t be taken again!