Page four of Alfonso Azpiri’s Lorna and her Robot a sexy science fiction adult comic inspired by Penthouse Comix Bethlehem Steele.
Professor Lorna: Now get out of my way and leave me alone. I must accomplish my sacred mission.
Arnold: Oh no. This is all I needed. I have a strange feeling of deja vu. I just know who’s behind all this!
Arnold: I invoke all my erotic fluids!
Arnold: Just look at her! She’s as cool as a cucumber… while all the others are being driven mad with desire! Since they must already suspect who is responsible for this current state of chaos, I know someone who is going to have a hard time…
Arnold: Let’s get out of here, Professor. You may be frigid, but they aren’t.
Horny Protester: What a hunk!
Professor Lorna: Ugh! How vulgar can you get?!
Protester with the hots for the Robot: The robot’s mine!
Sloppy Seconds Protester: I’m not picky, I’ll take either one!
Newsfeed: The planned parenthood program is a total washout. A search warrant is out for the cybernetic humanoid who…
Arnold: What a mess I’ve left behind me! I hope modern science can fix it! Otherwise…