Page five of Alfonso Azpiri’s Lorna and her Robot a sexy science fiction adult comic inspired by Penthouse Comix Bethlehem Steele.
[All attempts to cure Professor Lorna of frigidity have failed! Since natural remedies have proved useless, supernatural cures wil have to be invoked!]
Professor Lorna: But I told you already, I feel fine like this!
Arnold: You’re fine either way! But what’s the point if no one else can enjoy it? Ah… we’ve almost reached the lost planet of legendary fame! It’s described in the most ancient galactic myths.
Arnold: I had a hard time finding the coordinated of the planet. But, this is our last resort! After visiting the planet, she should be as hot as she used to be… and if she isn’t, I give up!
Professor Lorna: What do you hope to find here? It’s a gloomy, sinister place… and it gives me goose bumps!
Arnold: I don’t like it either. But one mustn’t shirk one’s duty!
Gonardalf the Wizard: What are you doing here?