Page one of Alfonso Azpiri’s Lorna and her Robot a sexy science fiction adult comic inspired by Penthouse Comix Bethlehem Steele.

[After many terrifying adventures, Lorna and her robot finally make it back home for some well deserved R & R.]
Professor Lorna: Will you come to bed once and for all so I can put you to the use I created you for?
Arnold: Wait a minute while I apply my new perfumed lubricating oil. It’s called “Passionate Nights”! Oh this going to be a hot weekend!
[Lorna and her robot are oblivious of the threat that hovers over the artificial satellite they call home.]
Unseen Shiek of Plutonium: Get the blowpipe ready! But be careful you don’t cut off the air supply. We don’t want them dying on us.
Unseen Shiek of Plutonium who’s a Bill Cosby fan: Do you have the paralyzing zapper?
Unseen Shiek of Plutonium: Shut your face and hurry up! We have to suprise them.
Arnold: Get ready, professor! I’m going to show you the “Wookie Jump.”
Professor Lorna: Don’t do anything dumb! My rib cage still hurts from teh last time.