Page two of Alfonso Azpiri’s Lorna and her Robot a sexy science fiction adult comic inspired by Penthouse Comix Bethlehem Steele.
Arnold: What’s going on…?
Professor Lorna: Help! We’re being attacked!
Professor Lorna: Lemme go, you creeps! Leave me alone! What have you done to my robot?
Mouthy Sheik of Plutonium: We’ve paralyzed him so he doesn’t get in our way! And we’ll do the same to you if you don’t shut up!
Wussy Sheik of Plutonium: Ouch! That damn bitch just kicked me in the balls!
Moral Supporting Sheik of Plutonium: Shut your trap, Wuss!
[Once the kidnappers have done their dire deed, they direct their spaceship to a distant planet in the constellation of the southern joint.]
Mouthy Sheik of Plutonium: Let’s celebrate our victory by having some fun with the professor. She’s built like a brick shit house!
Cautious Sheik of Plutonium: Oh, no you don’t! The honchos have forbidden anything like that!
Wussy Sheik of Plutonium: She kicked me so hard that my balls are in my mouth!
Moral Supporting Sheik of Plutonium: Stop whining nad shut up!
Professor Lorna: Where are you taking me? Who is behind this?
Mouthy Sheik of Plutonium: You’ll find out soon enough.
Professor Lorna: Oh, no! Not again!
Professor Lorna: The Sheiks of Plutonium!
Bossy Sheik of Plutonium: Bet you’re suprised! I hope you haven’t forgotten us!
Bossy Sheik of Plutonium: ’cause we haven’t forgotten you! And now we must avenge ourselves for the dirty trick you played on last time. You’ll even help us in the process! Quick! Inject her with a sleeping serum!