Page one of Penthouse Comix Young Captain Adventure adult comic Episode 2: X-Cessive Proposal! which was originally printed in Penthouse Comix issue 2.

[Our story thus far: young Joey Pike is the third generation of men in his family to inherit the cape and power ring of Captain Adventure. Joey came to New York to join the Team Supreme, a group of super heroes founded by his father in the fabled Silver Age.]
[But Joey discovered to his dismay that the Team Supreme had sold out the ideals of his dad and become obsessed with various fast buck schemes to cash in on thier super hero status. Determined to show them up, Joey took on the Team Supreme’s arch nemesis Darkblood, only to get knocked out of action.]
[His confidence shattered, Joey had a run in with Hericane, one of the Team Supreme’s most powerful members. Under “tender loving care” of the redheaded rocket, Joey has regained his will to win and is now more determined than ever!]
[Young Captain Adventure (Joey Pike), hero of the 90’s.]
[Darkblood™ the baddest super villain in New York.]
[Hotblood™ (Howard Kraviz). He has the largest guns, which makes him the leader of this team.]
[Hericane™ (Emily Feldman), a super girl who just wants to have fun. She gives whole new meaning to the words “rough sex.”]
[Manpower™ (Peter Paulinmarry). He’s big, he’s buff, he’s leather clad and tough. Come on do I really need to spell it out?]
[Bloodskull™ (Simon Howard). He never should have sent away for that “summon demons for fun and profit” tape set on late night TV. Now this former sandpaper salesman dispenses his own brand of rough justice!]
[Blazing Fury™ (Carla Davis). Hard radiation in a hard body. For a good time, call her. But don’t call back when your hair starts falling out.]
[Deathkiller™ (Marvin Walsh). He speaks the only language criminal understand, which makes it hard for the waitress to take his order.]
[Red Rogue™ (?????). He’s got claws, claws, and more claws. He also holds hte world record for the most published submissions to Penthouse forum.]
[Edge™ (Rob Righton). A bow and arrows wielding super hero who’s been knocked through one to many buildings.]