Page eleven of Penthouse Comix Young Captain Adventure adult comic Hotblooded! which was originally printed in Penthouse Comix issue 1.

Hericane: You know, this may look easy, but beating up people is an artform!
Hericane: Come on! Come on! Let’s hear your battle cry! Your taunts! Your threats!
Young Captain Adventure: You’re crazy!
Hericane: Where’s the snappy patter?!?
Hericane: No, I just like beating the shit out of people!
Hericane: So it was this or join the L.A.P.D.!
Hericane: Git it together, cowboy! This is too easy!
Hericane: I’ve had ninjas that gave me a better fight!
Hericane: And I thought you might be man enough for me!
Hericane: You pathetic son of a twenty dollar whore!
Hericane: You’ve got the nerve to call yourself Captain Adventure?
Young Captain Adventure: Yes!