Page six of Penthouse Comix Young Captain Adventure adult comic Hotblooded! which was originally printed in Penthouse Comix issue 1.

Hericane: Well… HELLO. I’m Hericane. (And you’re lunch!)
Young Captain Adventure: I’m sorry, Miss.
Hericane: So, what are your powers?
Young Captain Adventure: Uh… I…
Young Captain Adventure: …I gotta go!
Hericane: (Yum!)
Hericane: Who’s the fresh meat?
Hot Blood: Legacy from the boonies. “Adventure Lad” or something. Flashed a major ‘tude and decided to show us “oldtimers” how to play the game.
Lynn, the Big Tits Receptionist: Did you see that off the rack monstrosity he was wearing? >GAK< all he needed was a big "C A" on his chest! Hot Blood: No guns, no face paint, and that haircut!
Hericane: That his resume?
Lynn, the Big Tits Receptionist: Yeah, but I don’t think he’ll be coming back.
Hericane: Where did he go?
Hot Blood: To take on Darkblood… solo. Why all the interest in the boy toy, when you have a grown up to play with?
Hericane: Give it a rest, Hot to Trot Blood. The testosterone level in here already exceeds federal safety standards.
Hot Blood: Come on, ‘Cane… when are you gonna give in to the inevitable? Or maybe you don’t like men…
Hericane: Hotblood…
Hericane: …I like men… A LOT…
Hericane: If you find one, be sure and point him out to me!