The Origin of Captain Adventure!
[For two generations, the world has thrilled to the exploits of Captain Adventure: the Masked Scourge of crime!]
[In the 1940’s, fearless archeologist Pat Pike discovered the legendary ring of power in an ancient Aztec tomb.]
[Then in the turbulent decade of the 1960’s, his son Jack Pike continued the legend, as leader of the Team Supreme, the world’s #1 super hero group…]
[…until the day Jack sacrificed everything to save Earth from certain destruction!]
[On that day, Captain Adventure disappeared, never to be seen again…]
[But a decade and a half later, on his 18th birthday, Jack’s son Joey Pike received a package, held in trust for him by his father’s best friend…]
[Inside Joey found the keys to his heritage and a message from his long lost father;]
Jack Pike: My son… you must carry on the name of Captain Adventure!
[Armed with his father’s costume, powers and filofax, Joey boarded the bust to New York City…]
[New York has always been a Mecca for costumed crimefighter:]
[Maybe it was the city’s high concentration of super criminals, maybe it was all of those tall buildings you could swing from. Whatever the reason, Joey Pike had arrived in the Big Apple to take over the family business…]
[This is his story.]