Page five of Penthouse Comix Young Captain Adventure adult comic Hotblooded! which was originally printed in Penthouse Comix issue 1.

Young Captain Adventure: This is wrong!
Hot Blood: This is business. I thought you had a brain, kid. I wouldn’t want to see you fuck up your future.
Young Captain Adventure: I came here to fight crime!
Hot Blood: Ha ha ha! Wet behind the ears wonder bread super son is gonna take on all the big, bad villains by himself? Good way to get yourself killed, Sonny!
Young Captain Adventure: At least I’m not killing my sould one buck at a time.
Hot Blood: Listen, tough guy, I’ve seen shit that would send you running back to your mommy for a change of diapers! YOU go toe to toe with Darkblood and then you can mouth off to ME!
Young Captain Adventure: When and where?
Hot Blood: Don’t kid yourself, Farm Boy, the “B” man would gouse out your eyeballs and drink’em in a shot glass!
Young Captain Adventure: When and where?
Hot Blood: My, my, look who’s suddenly got a pair. Okay… 23 Penn Plaza, top floor.
Young Captain Adventure: Thanks.
Hot Blood: Open or closed?
Young Captain Adventure: What?
Hot Blood: Do you want your CASKET open or closed?