Page four of Penthouse Comix Young Captain Adventure adult comic Hotblooded! which was originally printed in Penthouse Comix issue 1.

Hot Blood: Cease fire!
Bloodskull: It’s over, dirt ball!™
Manpower: You’re the disease, I’m the vacinne!™
Red Rogue: You’re the meat adn I’M the fork!™
Blazing Fury: I’m better than you at at what I do!™
Death Killer: Only one of us is walking out of here alive…™
Edge: … and it won’t be me!™
Hot Blood: Waitaminute! I never forget a costume! Captain Adventure… right?
Young Captain Adventure: My father. I’ve inherited his powers. I wanted to join his team.
Hot Blood: Captain Adventure… yeah, I remember… from the old days. I like you, kid. You’ve got guts.
Hot Blood: Young Captain Adventure? Yeah, I see a lot of possibilities here: the NOSTALGIA thing, merchandising, movies, a clothing line, an appearance on “90210”! Lynn! Call my agent!
Young Captain Adventure: But what about our MISSION, to defend the world from the forces of evil?
Hot Blood: Oh SURE we do that TOO. We fight the super villains, they escape witht teleportation devices, we fight them again! The press is there to lap it up and the gravy train just keeps on rolling! Kid, you’ve fallen into the honey pot. All you gotta do is smile for the cameras with that pretty boy mug of yours…
Hot Blood: Isn’t he pretty, boys? Won’t the paparazzi just LOVE him?
Manpower: His head’s too big!
Hot Blood: Not to worry! A little Team Supreme super bulk drink™, and his pecs will triple in sie by next week!
Young Captain Adventure: You make it sound like a big game.
Hot Blood: …check this out… Hotblood mini series #1 with gold anodized HoloGrafix™ cover, poly-bagged with two blow in Mylar 3-D trading cards!
Hot Blood: It’s the ZINC edition, signed and numbered in my own blood! (Two drops deluded in a gallon of red ink!) $55 dollars with a bullet in the Wizard price guide! And I’ve got 25 cases “sandbagged” in the basement!